Does Hitler provide any good things to world

Hitler, in today’s world, is always associated with a negative shade and has an evil image attached to his name.

His act of killing people and starting a war cannot be justified, but his good actions are mostly unknown to people in today’s world.

We know that history is always written by winners. He has done a lot of crimes, but people who wrote history have magnified his crimes where there are many other bad dictators who had taken more lives than Hitler did.

Let us look at some of the positives of this man:

  • He empowered the innovation and advancement of technology in Nazi Germany.
  • He improved the infrastructure, transport system and connectivity in Germany. During his reign, the Autobahn was created.
  • The lives of German workers drastically improved during Hitler’s reign.
  • He uplifted the country of Germany which was economically down after the first world war and the treaty of Versailles.
  • He gathered momentum and trust among German people in a very short time and he kept up their trust in him

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