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Does Hitler provide any good things to world

Hitler, in today’s world, is always associated with a negative shade and has an evil image attached to his name.

His act of killing people and starting a war cannot be justified, but his good actions are mostly unknown to people in today’s world.

We know that history is always written by winners. He has done a lot of crimes, but people who wrote history have magnified his crimes where there are many other bad dictators who had taken more lives than Hitler did.

Let us look at some of the positives of this man:

  • He empowered the innovation and advancement of technology in Nazi Germany.
  • He improved the infrastructure, transport system and connectivity in Germany. During his reign, the Autobahn was created.
  • The lives of German workers drastically improved during Hitler’s reign.
  • He uplifted the country of Germany which was economically down after the first world war and the treaty of Versailles.
  • He gathered momentum and trust among German people in a very short time and he kept up their trust in him


How to survive a plunge from a waterfall

1: Take a deep breath right before you go over the edge.

2: Position yourself so you go down feet first.

3: Wrap your arms over your head and press your nose into your elbow to help seal it from water.

4: Tense your muscles and press your legs/feet together.

5: Tightly close your eyes and mouth.

6: Swim away from the falls immediately, even before breaking the surface.

How to promote your blog

1. Focus on search engine optimized (SEO) content

Growing a blog and SEO content go hand in hand. SEO content is basically content that has the goal of ranking on search engines for popular queries (keywords) in order to attract organic traffic to your blog from search engine users.

SEO advice can range from the very logical (use your target keyword in the title of your post, write a clear meta description) to the technical (proper use of coding, mobile-friendly design) so if you’re unfamiliar I’d suggest checking out some industry blogs to learn the basics. Some suggestions are:

2. Write “Evergreen” Content

One tip for adding SEO content to your blog would be to target topics in your niche that can be evergreen content. What do I mean by evergreen? Evergreen is a concept in SEO that means the topic of the post will be relevant for years to come, as opposed to a seasonal topic that is only relevant for a short period of time.

This way, as you write your blog posts about “evergreen” topics with SEO in mind you are future-proofing your site to stay relevant for search engine users over and over again in time.

3. Invite guest bloggers

Another easy way to promote your blog is by letting other people write for you! Guest blogging is a way for other bloggers to reach a new audience by contributing a post of theirs to your blog. Usually, a guest post includes a link to the guest author’s website in return for the post to make it a win-win for both parties. The more loyal followers your guest author has, the better. When the guest author goes to share their new post on your blog, it attracts their audience to your site and makes your blog look more authoritative. SEMrush takes guest authors all the time, so much so that we even publish a ”best-of” wrap up with all of our favorite posts from guest contributors!

You are the backbone of our blog and your willingness to share your strategies and insights are truly awe-inspiring to our entire team. We thank you all and are honored to work with you

4. Mention influencers in your blog posts (and let them know)

Another strategy to getting more people in your industry aware of your blog is by mentioning influencers in your post. You can include a quote of theirs that you like, share one of their related posts, or just mention how helpful their website is for what you’re talking about.

After name-dropping them in your post, reach out to them over email or social media to let them know. Most people will be flattered that you thought of them and included them as a part of your post. Who knows, they could be interested in your blog and share the post with their followers, ask to contribute a guest post in the future, or offer you guidance!

5. Build an Email Marketing List

Are you trying to grow your blog without an email list? You may need to rethink your strategy.

Building an email list from your blog readers is one of the most time-tested ways to build loyalty with your fanbase and keep your readers engaged again and again. However, as this post explains, you need to offer clear value when asking people to sign up. No one wants more random emails in their inbox. Offer special deals, insider tips and secrets, or early access to a new product. Basically, users want a clear incentive for signing up for another list.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to measure your growth over time – how fast is your email list growing in tandem with your number of posts? Do certain blog posts encourage people to sign up for your email list more than others?

6. Contribute to Upvote Communities

Upvote communities (such as reddit, quora, or are websites where users submit content and vote on the submissions that they like the most. This way, when you enter the site, the most valued information is at the top of the feed. It’s a democratic way of doing things, and a great opportunity to promote your blog when you have something worth sharing.

But before you just spam upvote communities with your blog posts, you should find the right communities for you and participate as a commenter and have conversations with other users. If you don’t think there is a subreddit for your niche, you’re probably wrong.

And if there isn’t, you can always apply to create your own subreddit. SEMrush has its own subreddit that we moderate to field our customers’ top questions to learn what we should be writing about.

Other than reddit, there are communities such as ProductHunt (for promoting a new product), private Slack groups (such as Online Geniusesand Traffic Think Tank) and of course, Quora! 🙂

7. Write Answers on Quora

Quora is technically an upvote community but its unique for its popularity and strict question-answer format. If you have a tool like SEMrush, you can look for new ways to promote your blog by entering in Organic Research and checking out all of the keywords that Quora ranks for.

Add a filter to look for search terms relevant to your blog. Once you identify some keywords that are relevant to your blog, you can write an answer to the question Quora and mention your blog within the answer.

You probably won’t see a huge impact from one answer, but if you make a habit of answering Quora questions somewhat frequently, you can start to build your authority on the site as a trusted source in your industry. Eventually, you’ll gain traffic to your blog from Quora.

Once you have plenty of answers on Quora, your profile could be a good place to write more about your blog in your bio.

8. Social Media

Making use of social media – both unpaid and paid posts can be huge for getting a blog off the ground. If you’re serious about using social media to make an impact for you, it would be wise to invest in social media tools to help you schedule your posts in advance and track engagement. Twitter and Facebook are great places to grow an audience and find like-minded people online.

This point could be an entire article on its own, but for brevity’s sake I’ll instead leave a couple of links to helpful articles about promoting a blog on social media:

9. Bonus Tip – Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console

These tools won’t promote your blog, per se, but they are great for showing you your growth over time. Both are free tools from Google that tell you how people get to your website, what they do on your site, and what content is most engaging. If you are serious about growing your blog, you will need to rely on these tools for a lot of basic insights.

Google Analytics will tell you your average user’s time on page, sessions, bounce rate, and much more. Google Search Console, meanwhile, will help you understand how Google crawls your website and, if your site is getting organic traffic from search engines, what keywords they’re searching that trigger your blog posts.

Now that you have some tips to promote your blog and track its growth, good luck! And don’t underestimate a tool like SEMrush for extra insights on your competition that will help you build a strategy to grow!

Best strategy to play in close range fights

first thing you need to check or is the aim-sensitivity settings. It is important to set the aim sensitivity based on your preferences or your gameplay style for you to properly calculate your movements, especially in close-quarter combat.

The next thing to consider is your loadout. You see, having the right weapon equipped in a close quarter combat situation is crucial in close range or close quarter combat. Now as far as close-quarter combat goes, the shotgun is the most effective weapon in your arsenal. Using shotguns in close-quarter combat requires proper hip aiming due to its wide coverage when fired. Just make sure that your enemy is within your range and is caught between your crosshairs.

Hip aiming is also effective in close-quarter combat in PUBG Mobile. Like the shotgun, it is important that your enemy is within your crosshairs before spraying him/her with lead. Always keep in mind that setting your weapon from auto to semi-auto is also important as it will greatly affect your accuracy. Nevertheless, if you are used to your aim sensitivity set up, then, this should not be a problem for you. I hope this will help you and happy gaming.

Interesting Fact :1

In her nearly 70 year reign, the Queen has visited 116 countries in the world, but Greece is not one of them, at least not since she became Queen, despite being the birthplace of her husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The reason is believed that Philip hates his birth country because of how they treated his family in the past.

About the only time, she visited Greece was an invitation by King Paul, Prince Philip’s cousin, in 1950, when she was a princess.

According to Royal historian Hugo Vickers, Philip is technically a “Greek Prince,” so the Queen had not visited Greece is an “interesting” omission.

Everyone is talking about how Elizabeth is immortal, but Philip is five years older than her. Her mother lived for 101 years, and her sister Margaret lived for 71 years despite being a heavy smoker. Her aunt Alice lived to 102.

PUBG:New privacy policy in india

What was the change in the privacy policy for Indians?

The major change PUBG Mobile claimed with this updated privacy policy for Indians was that data of Indian players will be stored on servers based in India, thus nullifying the danger of overseas data transfer. Also, PUBG Mobile now has support, engineering, and other teams located inside India.

Who can access players’ private data according to PUBG Mobile privacy policies?

The PUBG Mobile privacy policy says that there are only four instances, where a user’s private data can be shared or used. Let’s take a look at them:

1) Third party apps

Third parties that provide services in support of the Game Services, including providers of cloud services that process or back up information identified in this privacy policy on their servers for the purpose of providing the Game Services (including the sharing of in-game photos on WeChat, Facebook, Vkontakte, QQ, Twitter, Google Play, Game Center or LINE (as applicable), for the purpose of processing customer support ticket IDs and support communication, for the purpose of providing marketing and advertisements and monitor the success of our marketing and advertising programs, for the purpose of providing you with updates and information regarding the Game Services, for the purpose of arranging e-sports events, and payment processing services (including security and fraud detection). All companies providing services for us are prohibited from retaining, using, or disclosing your personal information for any purpose other than providing us with their services in support of the Game Services.

2) Companies under Tencent Corporate group

Companies within the Tencent corporate group who process your personal information in order to operate the Game Services. All related group companies may only use your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

3) Regulatory & Judicial authorities

Regulators and judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies. There are circumstances in which we are legally required to disclose information, including to comply with a legal obligation or processes, enforce our terms, address issues relating to security or fraud, or protect our users.

4) Future business partners/ owners of Tencent

A third party that acquires all or substantially all of us or our business. If we sell or buy any business, undergo a merger, enter into a partnership, or sell some or all of our assets we may disclose your information to the prospective buyer of such business. Under these circumstances, we will always require the prospective buyer to comply with this privacy policy.

Will this stop PUBG Mobile from being banned in India?

While the Indian government is still looking over the 275 Chinese and Chinese owned apps including PUBG Mobile & Supercell games, this will surely tighten the data security measures for Indian players. Interestingly, PUBG Mobile having to update the privacy policy for Indian players surely indicates that there were previously vulnerabilities present. As per China’s data-sharing norms, Chinese companies had to share data with the home country based server irrespective of where they operate. So how will that play out with this updated privacy policy, we don’t know yet! However, only time will tell whether the popular Battle Royale will be banned or not. So, we wait for further information regarding this from the Government with crossed fingers!

Some interesting facts on DARK series

  1. If you stop watching dark at season 3 ep7 , the infinite loop will never break and you can start again from season 1.
  2. There is reference of a horror movie “The shining “

3. Here is the order of how St. Christopher necklace passed

Egon > Hannah > Helena > left near the lake where Kathrine was killed > Jonas> Martha.

4. Woller and Benni are brothers and sons of Ines Kahnwald in the origin world.

5. Hannah is shown pregnant in all the three worlds.

6. Both Martha and Jonas asked their mom if they believed in fate.

7. Regina is free from cancer since there is no nuclear plant in original world.

8. Only Tannhaus and Claudia are happy in the end .