Best strategy to play in close range fights

first thing you need to check or is the aim-sensitivity settings. It is important to set the aim sensitivity based on your preferences or your gameplay style for you to properly calculate your movements, especially in close-quarter combat.

The next thing to consider is your loadout. You see, having the right weapon equipped in a close quarter combat situation is crucial in close range or close quarter combat. Now as far as close-quarter combat goes, the shotgun is the most effective weapon in your arsenal. Using shotguns in close-quarter combat requires proper hip aiming due to its wide coverage when fired. Just make sure that your enemy is within your range and is caught between your crosshairs.

Hip aiming is also effective in close-quarter combat in PUBG Mobile. Like the shotgun, it is important that your enemy is within your crosshairs before spraying him/her with lead. Always keep in mind that setting your weapon from auto to semi-auto is also important as it will greatly affect your accuracy. Nevertheless, if you are used to your aim sensitivity set up, then, this should not be a problem for you. I hope this will help you and happy gaming.

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