Interesting Fact :1

In her nearly 70 year reign, the Queen has visited 116 countries in the world, but Greece is not one of them, at least not since she became Queen, despite being the birthplace of her husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The reason is believed that Philip hates his birth country because of how they treated his family in the past.

About the only time, she visited Greece was an invitation by King Paul, Prince Philip’s cousin, in 1950, when she was a princess.

According to Royal historian Hugo Vickers, Philip is technically a “Greek Prince,” so the Queen had not visited Greece is an “interesting” omission.

Everyone is talking about how Elizabeth is immortal, but Philip is five years older than her. Her mother lived for 101 years, and her sister Margaret lived for 71 years despite being a heavy smoker. Her aunt Alice lived to 102.

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